Classics Cabaret Jazz

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Classics Cabaret Jazz
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Galina Sidorenko (mezzo-soprano), Alisa Bratslavskaya (piano), Natalia Baikova (cello), Adil Fedorov and Sergei Christofis (clarinetto)

Label: Bomba-Piter, 2012

Highly acclaimed St Petersburg singer Galina Sidorenko is always striving towards new artistic horizons and genre compositions. Her new album is unique in that here opera and oratorio arias are interspersed with cabaret songs and jazz, thus blending the classical and the non-traditional, the official and the unofficial, the serious and the amusing, the simple and the complex... The singer, who performs together with other renowned St. Petersburg musicians, not only resurrects forgotten and rarely performed masterpieces of chamber music that require supreme vocal and acting skills but also introduces audiences to such stunning contemporary composers as Betty Roe and Simon Sargon.